What people say about Cornify!

"The internet is done, we can all go home and congratulate ourselves on a job well done."

Clay Shirky

"...the Cornify button is a great Internet invention"

Bruce Sterling

"...the World Wide Web has finally discovered its purpose. That purpose is "unicorns"."

Metro UK

"Site of the Day... Thank you so much, Internet."

Entertainment Weekly

"...this quantum leap in the web's evolution."

The Atlassian

"...whenever you're looking at something that needs a little more zaz... push the button and get corny."


"Cornify: the next big step in ruining the Internet"


"...if life has you down and the uppers don't quite cheer you up, then try Cornify..."

Buzz Hollywood

"Cornify delivers the best possible online experience for people today... a leader in stretching the internet envelope"

Psycho Girlfriend

"Modern Work of Genius... Things like this restore my faith in human ingenuity. The spirit of invention is not dead-it is so SO alive."

Doc Smartypants

"Probably the best website in history."


"I've been waiting ages for something like this!!!"


"This new web 2.0 app is going to single-handily pull us out of the recession."


"This is simply genius."


"Cornify.com... Is the best site in the entire UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sugar Says

"It's amazing, you can make any page sparkle with unicorns and rainbows."


"It's pretty much the gayest thing I've ever seen."

Harry Stone

"...we have something here to make your day, every day, better. Get Cornify-ed!"

Jacksonville Confidential

"...keep on clicking it until you fall backwards from the bubbling glitterweight of the unicorns and rainbows."

Callie Thompson

"Cornify is the best thing since sliced bread."

Adam Nelson

"This is why Al Gore invented the interwebs."

Ice Beast

"Cornify is so clearly the best thing ever..."


"News is boring and rubbish - unicorns and rainbows and glitter are awesome! Yay!"

Spanner Banana


Idea * Idea

"...press the cornify button for the most magic your eyes have ever been bombarded with!... It's the best enhancement ever..."

Bullet-proof Glace

"This is what we've all been waiting for. The Internet is now complete."

The Presurfer

"It makes every website 110% more interesting (and '80s!)"

Lori's Shoes

"...with Cornify, our troubled world seems just a little sweeter."


"...unleash the awesome and unweildly might of both Unicorns AND Rainbows, unto any website you deem fit."


"...my life is worthless without cornify."


"...pure awesome. I love cornify!"


"...this is why there is an internet."

Craig Paterson

"...a must-have web design tool."

Chas Grundy

"...the most powerful web-authoring tool ever made."

Jerry Kansky

"Greatest site ever."

DeeDee Baldwin

"Cornify is great! It can even make boring old enterprise software look exciting."


"...this web2.0 app can make your life easier,YOU will be god with this app!"

Marcus Kammer

"There is one word to describe this: awesome!"

Orville Bennett

"Essential tool for anyone who uses the web."

Terrence Wood

"the Internet will never be the same... get your own Cornify button and take it with you wherever you go on this wild information superhighway."

OMG Blog

"Cornify: Like The Internet Through Mariah Carey's Eyes"

Celebrity Gossip Guide

"The world is a better place because of cornify."

Trixie Higgins

"We've found a new favorite website... bring yourself eternal happiness."

Urban Outfitters

"...This is the most excited I have ever been about the internet!"


"I'm pretty sure you've stumbled upon somethign epic with cornify.com ... i'm already addicted"


"Cornify.com. I'm in love."

Andrea Vogt

"...Love Cornify! Everyone should Cornify. The world would be a better place."


"The week is not complete until visions of unicorns dance in our heads... we like any excuse to go visit Cornify. "


"Critically.Valuable.Web. Design.Tool."

Martha Valenta

"This is amazing. brighten up your day (and your boring photos) with cornify!"

Sean Riceaz

"Forget GMail or Google Docs. This is the best use of javascript ever"


"while the battle 'tween Gowalla & Foursquare rages on the hands down coolest new app at #SXSW has been Cornify"

Kris Krüg

"I like the new Cornify button on my blog. It brightens up the page so nicely."

Julia Matheson

"Make everything magical! After all, what can't be improved by adding a few unicorns? Life changing."


"Website of the Day: Cornify"


"Cornify is the best and most useful site on the entire www. All sites should get a Cornify button. All!"

Koen Peters


Maria Jose Castro

"Seriously, cornify is the best. What a great way to end my day."

Jill Cimorelli

"There are magical "cornify" moments happening in bushwick right now."

Jessica Brookman

"Cornify is the greatest thing that anyone in human history has ever created."

Dave Concannon

"It's called cornify and it is the best thing anyone has invented."


"Here @HuddsDigitals we are discussing the serious issues in web dev today, like the role of cornify http://www.cornify.com in cybersecurity"

We Love The Web

"I think I just discovered the greatest Chrome App of all time. "

Kristy McKinney

"If you don't have anything nice to say, cover the web with rainbows and unicorns."


"this is what i have waited my entire life for: http://www.cornify.com/ i think my daughter would never leave #unicorntears"

John Runion

"I just added Cornify to my toolbar and my life is infinitely improved."

Deborah Merriam

"Before buying Whatsapp, Facebook unsuccessfully bid $25bn for http://cornify.com "

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