Cornify your Photo!

This incredible tool puts the power of cornification in your hands! Add sparkles, glitter, rainbows and as many unicorns as you wish.

We do need Flash to show this editor. If you don't have it, please install it with the following link.

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Cornify Stuff!

Find something that's not sparkly? Cornify it! Here's how to:

  • Select an image to use
  • Make it sparkly via the 'Cornify' button
  • Drag things around, rotate them, scale them to your desire
  • Click the text to edit, drag or resize it
  • The 'Save' buttons save your image so you can copy it to your computer
  • If you press 'Save & Publish' you also allow us to post the image on
  • Right-click the image below to save it to your computer
  • Tell everybody how you just made the world a happier place
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